With five girls living in an apartment, and less than six months left until college graduation, we’re bound to have some things to complain (or gush) about.

When the group chat blows up during work and classes, I know that when we all get home, there will be an open bottle of wine on the counter and a new Pinterest recipe on someone’s computer screen. We all love to cook, but none of us are professionals, so those recipes can be life savers.

The hotter the oven gets and the lower the wine gets in the bottle, we all start to talk about our days. Sometimes they’re really good, like when we see that cute boy we’ve been crushing on while we were walking to class. But a lot of times, that’s not the case.

Whether we find ourselves complaining about the dumb thing one of our ex-boyfriend’s texted us, or our fear of this so called, “real world,” there’s always plenty of things to wine about, including the Pinterest recipe we probably just ruined.