6 ‘New’ New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep for the Rest of The Year

New Year’s Resolutions always seem like such a good idea in the beginning, especially when you’re half a bottle deep of champagne and you realize you have 5 minutes until the Ball drops.



But majority of us don’t actually keep those resolutions for more than a week, even we even last that long, so don’t feel bad if you’ve already started to slip a little bit. My roommates and I put all our failed resolutions together and figured out the simplest way (because we’re lazy) to actually keep them for the rest of the year.

1. Exercise More

This seems like a popular one. As someone who can count all the times I’ve actually gone to the gym on one hand, I always roll my eyes when I hear a hard core gym rat complain about how crowded the gym is the first week of the new year. So if you’re one of those people who signed up for your gym membership on January 1st, and you haven’t been on the treadmill since January 3rd, we’ve come up with easier ways to make sure you stay in shape this year.

Katie’s* favorite is an ab workout. This quick 10 minute video shows you how to tone your abs without doing any sit-ups or crunches! You can pretty much always catch her doing these exercises during the commercial breaks of American Horror Story or The Bachelor (because those shows have SO many commercials).

2. Eat Healthier

Eating healthier always seems like a good idea in the beginning of the New Year. You feel the need to detox from all the cookies and food you’ve eaten during the holiday season, and you figure if you start in January, you won’t panic when it gets closer to bikini season. But once classes (parties) start up again, you realize it’s harder to actually cook healthy food when you could be using that time to sleep.

Thanks to our chef of a roommate, Grace* most night’s we’re covered on healthy food ideas. She got Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook for Christmas, and I have to say, it’s fabulous. The amount of servings per recipe is about 6-8 so it’s perfect to freeze for the days when pushing microwave buttons is almost too much effort.

3. Get Organized

This one seems to be my resolution every year, and every year I can’t manage to keep it for more than a couple weeks. Maybe it’s because I set the bar too high for myself, so when I don’t succeed 100%, I give up completely? So this year I’ve decided to start off a little bit smaller. I wasn’t going to try to reorganize my room. There are times when every article of clothing I own is on the floor, but I still manage to find everything I need, so why fix what isn’t broken, right?

My goal for this year is to get organized with school. I’ve managed to get this far with random pieces of paper with important information thrown in my backpack but with only 10 weeks left until I graduate, I think it’s time for me to get organized like a professional. The Lilly Pulitzer yearly planner I’ve been eyeing will finally come in handy with these super simple, yet effective tips.


4. Learn New Hobbies

Drinking an entire bottle of wine in one night, although many consider it to be, is not really a hobby. Pretty sure by definition, hobbies are typically done sober. Hobbies are meant to keep you sane and give you an escape from your real world responsibilities.

Grace picked up knitting over break! Although she always knew how to knit, and stuck to scarves, she decided to get a little creative and make things like catnip toys and washcloths for our apartment!

5. Read More

If knitting doesn’t seem like your thing, why not read? It’s something we all know how to do and something we do everyday so why not enjoy doing it?

Lilly* (as well as everyone else at my University) has declared that she’s in the middle of a quarter life crisis, and is trying to figure out the best way to go about getting out of it. Fortunately, she’s not alone in that endeavor, which means that there are books written about it. It’s an awesome way to realize that other people are going through the same thing you are and you’re not alone, all while being able to laugh at yourself and your drama queen tendencies.

6. Travel More

Out of all the things on the list, this one is probably the most difficult because it costs the most money. One thing college students can agree on is that our disposable income doesn’t seem to be as much as we need it no matter how much we work and try to save. Yet, I still think traveling is extremely important, even though it takes up a big chunk of my bank account.

The first step to traveling cheap is to avoid flying. Do you know how expensive it is to sit in a giant metal tube for three hours as it flies through the sky? The answer is a lot. However, some places are impossible to get to via any other form of transportation, so learn how to make sure you get the cheapest flight possible.

The first thing on my 2017 bucket list is to road trip cross country after I graduate. What better time to drive aimlessly across the country and stay at roadside motels than your early 20’s? I’ve never been to the “fly-over” states, I’ve just flown over them, so that’s probably where I’ll head to first.


The biggest thing I have to tell myself is that New Year’s Resolutions are not a make-or-break for my year. If I slip up once or twice, it’s fine, I’m human. Their just guides we set for ourselves so we know what areas of our life we need to improve on, and that’s something that should take years to do because everyone could always keep improving.


*Disclaimer: all the names of my roommates have been changed to protect privacy



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