Pop the Champagne! Undergrad is Over!

One down and four more to go!

As Emily* headed off yesterday morning for her last undergraduate class ever, I felt like a proud mom that needed to take a picture of her standing by the door with her backpack on. We’ve been roommates since Freshman year and I never really knew how I would feel on this day. I know, it sounds incredibly corny, but she’s become my other half, my go-to, and now she’s moving home.

In order to distract me from the sadness I’m feeling about my best friend moving out and on to the real world, I’ll just throw her the cutest party! Of course, there will be pink and gold everything (thank you, Pinterest).

First off, bubbly.

And lots of it. My go-to is Barefoot Pink Moscato Champagne! Now, you can opt for a classier bottle, but if I’m being completely honest, you probably won’t be able to pop it correctly and half the bottle will end up all over your kitchen floor so why spend the extra money? I opted for the gold sugar trim champagne glasses to make things sparkle just a little bit more!


Next step: photo ops!

We’re lucky enough to have a brick wall in our apartment. Everyone (and I literally mean everyone of our sorority sisters) has a picture in front of it. I can’t lie and tell you I don’t feel a little bit honored to say that I live in the “brick wall apartment.” We try to spice up the wall though for different occassions. For my birthday, there was a “21” banner, and for our past formal, there was a “Get Lit” banner.
I don’t have a car now though, so I can’t run to Party City to get a new banner, so DIY time it is! With the amount of tissue paper my mom has stocked up for the holidays, I was able to grab a couple sheets of different shades of pink to make this adorable tassle banner. Perfect for my pink and gold theme!

Can’t forget the gifts!

Now, if you know me, you know that I LOVE gift giving! I think that came mostly from my love of receiving gifts because now I want to make sure everyone feels the joy that I do. My mom has told me that gift baskets have become my forte the past couple of years. Candles, chocolate chip cookie mix, fuzzy socks, and wine glasses crowded underneath the trees of family friends.

For Emily’s gift, the basket is going to go with the theme of the party, and of course, the theme of her coming out to adulthood. I’ll start off with some adorable gold office supplies, obviously needed for the kick ass job she’s going to get soon!

Cyber Monday was my best friend this year and I was able to get her this Kate Spade Cocktail Shaker for 30% off (because you know all the cocktails she’s gonna need after thinking about all the adult things she has to do now).

I’ll throw a couple bottles of wine and mini bottles of liquor in the basket too, but the last present will be a personalized pink colored Yankee Candle, complete with my favorite picture of us on the label.

Last but most certainly not least, food!

It’s a party, so we need to have party food! And since there’s going to be a lot of wine and champagne happening, we should probably make sure that food is filled with carbs! My beyond talented little has a cake pop tray, so she’ll be in charge of making those, complete with gold sugar sprinkles on top.


We’re in Philly, where the Philly Pretzel Factory is all the rage so we’ll probably order a tray of those too. But we’ll add our own little twist of pink salt to make sure those fit the theme as well!

This pink popcorn mix will be the perfect addition to any party table as well!


She’s moving out and I can’t say that I’m excited for these next 10 weeks of school without her. But this is life and we know we all have to move on eventually. The party is our way of celebrating something that we’re completely terrified about. We want to go out with a bang so why not make it sparkle a little it too?

*Disclaimer: all the names of my roommates have been changed to protect privacy

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