Is “Total Sorority Move” Totally Accurate?

The short answer is no. But that’s just too easy for me to say that, plus there would be no blog post if that was it.

For those who don’t know, Total Sorority Move, or TSM, is a popular blog with news articles and columns written by members of their staff. It started off as the “female” counterpart to Total Frat Move, which was the “undergrad” version of Post Grad Problems. All three of these blogs have the same format, and the same sense of humor.

At this moment, the homepage of TSM features columns “Literally, No Matter How Bad Your Mistakes Are, You’ll Be Fine,” and “Starting Today, You Can Finally Text in Lilly Pulitzer Emojis.” Now to the unaffiliated eye, these articles may seem absolutely ridiculous, and they may even reinforce your ideas of what sorority women are like. You may think that all sorority women are blonde and swipe Daddy’s credit card more than they show up to class, and that’s fine, as long as you realize that all that’s just your opinion.

Real sorority women, and by that I mean women who have completed a new member process and gone through an initiation, however, find these articles to have a slightly different meaning. Yes, we may play into the stereotypes a little bit, but I think that’s mostly just because we know they’re the farthest thing from the truth. Some of us admit to having spent all night on the couches of frat houses, while others will tell you they spent all night in the library.ea37a973fdbb7cea527579e745b48dae

While there are some people who roll their eyes when I tell them I’m an extremely active member of my chapter, there are others who engage me in conversation and are impressed by the skills that I have gained from holding so many leadership positions over the past four years. TSM is probably one of my favorite websites on the Internet, not because it’s supposed to be an accurate representation of a sorority women, but because it teaches us to laugh at ourselves, and not to take life too seriously. Personally, this is exactly what I need to read in the morning when my hair is not doing what I want it to do, and my ‘winged’ eyeliner is smearing down my face.


One thought on “Is “Total Sorority Move” Totally Accurate?

  1. This is really eye opening! For someone who is not in greek life but all of my friends are, I can now see that it’s hard for them to explain to me! Also, both those blogs are super funny and even non greek members use them for a good laugh!


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