The Girls Are Cooking Dinner Tonight. Here’s what Wine to Drink.


1. Riesling and (Gluten Free) Mac & Cheese

Gluten-free seems to be the new thing, but for those who don’t need to eat gluten free, it may seem a little ridiculous. Whether someone is just obsessed with the new trend or they actually need to have a special diet, no one is willing to give up a warm bowl of mac and cheese!

This mac and cheese recipe is super easy because the chances of you having all the ingredients already in your apartment is 10/10. Use the bedazzled wine opener, we all know you have in your kitchen junk drawer, and pop open a bottle of Riesling! The sweetness is the perfect compliment to the cheese (which is just a little salty). In no time, you’ll have an entire pot devoured and an empty bottle sitting on your counter top, and you’ll forget that you’re all eating gluten free so your one roommate can be included in fam dinner.

2. Zinfandel and Steak

Steak is perfect for the nights you feel like being classy, but are also too lazy (and too broke) to go out to a restaurant. However, the struggle is real when you’re trying to cook in an apartment without an outdoor space or grill. After a quick Pinterest search and the realization you don’t have a cast iron skillet either, it’s time to improvise (you do have a frying pan, right?) Luckily, I know you do have a bottle of Zinfandel to help you figure out what you’re doing! I can’t even recommend a good cut of steak because lets be honest here, steak is expensive, but this recipe calls for a sirloin. But in case you literally cannot overdraft your checking account again, feel free to get a cut in your budget. Steak is always served with red, why, I’m honestly not too sure, but it tastes good, so why question it?

3. Pinot Grigio and Sushi

You have to be feeling patient in order to take on this project, but I’m sure the pinot will help with that. Sushi is the perfect girl’s night food because it’s easy to eat, and tastes delicious. Sometimes you get a little embarrassed that the delivery guy knows you and your roommates personally, so if you’re feeling up to it, try making your own! Pinterest is ALL about the DIY projects, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find instructions for your favorite kind. Prepare for a night in with the girls, full of laughs that will most likely come from the embarrassing Snapchats of each other with rice on your face. When the sushi is done, pour yourself another glass of pinot (if there is any left). You deserve it.


2 thoughts on “The Girls Are Cooking Dinner Tonight. Here’s what Wine to Drink.

  1. I am definitely not one to eat gluten free, however a few of my friends are gluten intolerant and this would make cooking fun for all of us! I loved that you added a recipe in there that can work for more people! I also never thought to pair Riesling with mac and cheese, but will definitely try that the next time I make mac and cheese! Hearing your own story among you and your roommates makes me want to always cook with my friends! Love the post!

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  2. I appreciate your tips! I am definitely going to make a meal or two from your dinner pairings! Steak and wine is one of my favorites, but I am definitely a fan of Cabernet with steak haha, but that’s my preference. Looking forward to reading more posts by you!

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